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Motoloko is a photography agency located in San Fransisco, US. Their range of clients vary in small and local business to large cooperations. To fulfill the needs of their clients, Motoloko is working with freelancers reaching from Europe all the way to Asia.

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Gijs Westerneng

As a kid I never knew what I wanted as a future career. I was wondering where my qualities were and how I could use them to help others.
Later I discovered that I was a visual learner, always drawing and thinking in visuals. Now I use that skill to visualize all kinds of information into something helpful and interesting to look at.

Westerneng Design

Westerneng Design is a small and focused design practice located in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

I started eight years ago at school, building a small portfolio. In the

the spring of 2013 I established Westerneng Design as a freelance graphic design studio.




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